Thursday, July 5, 2012

Oh, Happy Day

Yesterday was one of the best, 4th of July celebrations I've had of late.  I spent the day at the lovely home of a married couple, Chris & Julie.  I played video games with their precocious, nine-yr-old son, Griffin, and his friends.  Then, spent the rest of the day in their delicious pool.  And I say, delicious, because they cover the pool with a solar contraption of some sort.  After they remove it, the water is a toasty 92 degrees.  So, none of that stick a toe in first, then a foot, etc., because the water is too cold.  With this pool, you just jump right in!  I absolutely loved it.  And I also loved the scrumptious meal Chris prepared for us: pork ribs, baked salmon, baked beans, whipped potatoes, corn on the cob and cole slaw.  Yum!!!!

Many of the cater-waiter folks I know probably worked for someone else's family yesterday.  And, truth be told, if I was offered work, I probably would've taken it for the money, too.  However, I'm soooooooooo happy God allowed me to spend the day the way I truly wanted to spend it.  Truth be told, I NEVER want to spend another holiday working for ANYBODY.  Regardless how much money is on the table.  I enjoy spending time with people I love.  And who love me.  Their love is all the payment I'll ever need and/or want!!!!!

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