Monday, July 23, 2012

Running Scared


"The HERO"

The internet is abuzz with negative comments about one of the survivors of the Aurora, CO movie theater shootings.  The survivor, Jamie Rohrs, is a 25-yr-old, young man who attended the Batman movie with his  girlfriend, his four-month-old son and four-yr-old daughter.  When the bullets started flying, Jamie ran off and left his ENTIRE family behind!  He was frightened for his life.  I get that.  But as a result, he thought first and foremost about his own safety.  The thing that slays everybody is that he was initially carrying his son in his arms, but because he feared the baby's crying would draw attention to them, he dropped placed the baby down onto the floor and ran.  He didn't stop running until he was seated comfortably behind the wheel of his TRUCK!  WTH???

Luckily for the girlfriend and her two children, there was a 19-yr-old, young man, JARELL BROOKS, who WOUDLN'T abandon them.  He could have escaped unscathed if he ran when he had the chance.  But he didn't.  Instead, he remained in the theater until he could bring the young lady and her children to safety.  Ironically, though, he wound up taking a bullet to the leg.  The girlfriend wound up getting some of the shrapnel.  All are fine now.  But to add insult to injury, Jamie "The Runner" Rohrs had the audacity to propose marriage while she was in the hospital.  And she ACCEPTED!  WTF!!!!! --- See the coosome twosome in the video below.  And notice that they make NO mention of who ACTUALLY saved the woman and her children's lives.  Read all about them HERE!

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