Monday, March 18, 2013

81 Reasons To Love

St. Patrick's Day has always been a special day to me because it is the day of my mommy's birth.  Miss Juanita hasn't been here on earth to celebrate her birthday since 1985.  28 yrs ago she ascended to heaven.  Back then, I was heartbroken.  But, the strength she instilled inside me kept me going forward.

Technically,  yesterday was her birthday.  But I neglected to post something until now:  some 13 minutes into March 18th.  Well, what I wanted to say yesterday, I'll say today.  Right now.  Miss Juanita...Mama...Mommy Dearest...I love you.  Always have.  And always will.  Happy Birthday, Mama.  I sure wonder what you'd be like today if you were here.  It's hard as heck for me to believe you'd be a mind-boggling...

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