Sunday, March 31, 2013

Going To The Chapel

Yesterday, I attended the wedding of Dr. Nyasha Scott and Jonathan Serrano.  The ceremony was held in a stunningly beautiful garden on the grounds of the La Canada Flintridge Country Club in La Canada, CA.  Honestly, it was one of the most beautiful ceremonies I've ever seen.

Nyasha is a 5'10", statuesque beauty whose very presence commands attention.  Her smile, alone, could light up Times Square.  Pure radiance.  Then, there's Jonathan.  All 6'6" of him!  Their kids are gonna be giants!  Giants among men, that is!  'Cause Nyasha and Jonathan are born leaders.

I loved talking to many of the guests, asking them their connection to the couple.  Meeting their parents was the best, too.  Nyasha's dad seems to be quite a character.  Great sense of humor.  He is of Guyanese heritage.  I chuckled when he spoke of Guyana, 'cause, having lived in New York City for so many years, all I knew about Guyanese folks was how they'd call half Indian folks, "Coolie!"  Lol!  Jonathan's dad is of Dominican heritage.  He reminded me of the older guy at the barbershop whose tales are so colorful and interesting that everybody listens to him with rapt attention!  The couple's moms are cuddly ladies you just wanna hug.  So, I did!  :)

I wish immeasurable JOY & LAUGHTER for the couple until the end of their time on this planet!!!!  


  1. hello, My name is andy Serrano ive been on the search for my brother for years now, this is the first time that ive actually found somewhere he has been on the internet, I dont mean to be broad in anyway but do you know of his last whereabouts I want to see my brother

    1. If your name is Andy Serrano, WHY does your account say it's JESUS OJEDA????