Monday, March 11, 2013

Sunday Brunch


Yesterday, I joined my boy, Ronnie, for some delish, Sunday Brunch at a joint in Monterey Park called, LUMINARIAS.  Truth be told, the place wasn't any different to me than my fave, THE WAREHOUSE.  Only difference is that The Warehouse sits on the water!  Which, to me, gives it a nod over Luminarias.  Despite that fact, I still enjoyed myself.  Heck, I must have 'cause, by the time I exited the restaurant, it was four hours AFTER I had arrived!  Geez!

Ronnie wasn't so happy that the restaurant no longer warms up crab legs for guests.  Oh, well.  Nothing lasts forever!  :)  From now on, I suspect I'll just go to The Warehouse and leave Luminarias for other folks!!!  :)

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