Monday, May 13, 2013

The Ugly Truth About Beauty

On Facebook, I read tons and tons of posts written by young, black men and women who want nothing more in life than to become famous models.  All they talk about is this fashion show and that fashion show.  They talk about all their "photo shoots" and post hundreds of images.  The muscularly built men have hundreds of semi-nude images.  I can always tell which of those images are shot by gay, male photographers and which aren't.  Those shot by the former always are either nude or as close to it as humanly possible.  Pants are always unbuckled.  A veiled glimpse of the penis and/or full-on butt shots are staples.  Honestly, unless a guy is being paid to model underwear, he doesn't need underwear photos.  He most assuredly doesn't need a HUNDRED of them!!  Similar, risque images of women are usually shot by heterosexual men.  Whatever!

Today I stumbled upon a ten-minute PowerPoint presentation given by a true, working model:  Cameron Russell.  Man, the young lady broke down that black models are invisible to the fashion world her experiences in modeling and didn't pull any punches.  She courageously states that tall, thin white women are what's deemed beautiful.  Duh.  Tell me about it!

I wholeheartedly recommend all the non-white model wannabes hear her message.  It's truly POWERFUL!  And I suspect, dead on the money!

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