Thursday, July 25, 2013

Terrell Carter...WOW!!!!!

Terrell Carter

I have always appreciated the vocal styling of TERRELL CARTER.  I mean, the man sings like a masculine bird (reminiscent of Teddy Pendergrass) and looks like a SUPERHERO (reminiscent of Superman in Man Of Steel)!  But I've gotta admit, until I heard his rendition of Whitney Houston's I Look To You, I never really saw him as interesting or talented a vocalist as say, Luther Vandross.  But, man, oh man, his take on this Whitney tune has made a believer out of me!!!  He sang that song with a control and self-restraint that I've never heard from him.  No over-the-top vocal gymnastics where every word is twelve syllables; just straight out singing with true, palpable feeling.  I LOVED it!  Heck, I LOVE it---present tense!!!

Congratulations, Mr. Carter.  I hope & pray the world is soon introduced to your vocal artistry.  And I hope & pray singing songs with this kind of technical and emotional balance is what your supporters can look forward to from henceforward.  What a talent!!!

God bless him!  If you love what you hear, tell him on Twitter!

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