Friday, November 1, 2013

Panda Bear

Simeon Panda

I see this guy's photos all over the internet.  His physique is so dang jaw-droppin' I had to find out who he is.  Well, now I know.

SIMEON PANDA is a 27-yr-old Brit who has been an avid bodybuilder for the past 12 years.  And boy oh boy what a body.  It's nice to see he cares as much about wearing a tailored suit, cut to his awesome physique's specifications, as he cares about his awesome physique.

My mama always said if we had our way in this life, we'd all be young, good-lookin' and rich.  Well, I don't know if he's rich, but I know he has the other two attributes covered.  Um...a MILLION times OVER!

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