Friday, November 22, 2013

Sing, Boy, Sing!


I first came across a video of this little, 12-year-old boy, CAM ANTHONY, singing his face off months ago, but lately, I've been seeing other videos of him.  All I've gotta say is every video I see gets better than the one before it.  What a voice!

I see that the kid has been signed by ATLANTIC Records.  That's cause for concern in my book 'cause I believe a child should be a child.  Why not allow him to wait until he's been graduated from high school first?  I mean, the record business will still be there.  I think.  :)  Anyway, I hope and pray he always sings because he WANTS to and NEVER because he feels he HAS to!

God bless him!!!  WHAT A VOICE!!!!!!!!!!!  Check him out on YouTube!

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