Sunday, December 29, 2013

2014 Goals

If I put them down on paper this computer, they're REAL, and out there for the ENTIRE world to see!

So, I'm gonna list 'em right now and look back at this list on December 29th, 2014 to see what I've accomplished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In no particular order of accomplishment, my goals are:

1.)  Begin knocking out any debt!
2.)  Film at least one of my moderating gigs @ HollyShorts Film Festival.
3.)  Moderate a SAG and/or NAACP film screening.
4.)  Hire Chef Tom Symon to cater a meal for ME and 11 guests!
5.)  Earn money in FRONT of and BEHIND the camera being ME (like Ryan Seacrest and Tom Bergeron do)!
6.)  Visit family in Indiana.
7.)  Make myself truly available for romance.  (It's been a minute, so I hope I can remember how it all works). :)
8.)  Do some kind of exercise each and every day (even if it's just walking briskly).
9.)  Go to bed by 11 PM each night.
10.)  Awaken by 8 AM each morning.
11.)  Continue my volunteer work with the elderly.
12.)  Continue to be THANKFUL for my HEALTH, MIND and those who adore me!
13.)  Enjoy a drink or a bite with a Facebook friend at least twice per month.
14.)  Make my "house" a home.

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