Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Front Seat Chronicles Season 4

The producers of Front Seat Chronicles are gearing up for Season 4!!!  Yippee!  As a Contributing Writer to the project, yesterday I submitted (5) new scripts!!!  This ol' boy has been over here just a-writin'!!!!

After Creator/Director/Cameraman Allen Sowelle reviews the scripts, he'll decide which of them will actually be shot next month.  I hope he chooses ALL of 'em!  Well, I won't be greedy.  May we select as many as he believes the viewers will connect with.  But he happens to select all of them, I won't complain!!!!!!

I'm working toward entering my first script, "1st Grade Picture," into a film festival or two.  I believe Gregor is going to burn it onto a DVD for me, so I can present the DVD for exhibition purposes.  We'll see what we see!!!

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