Friday, April 4, 2014



Today, America's Next Top Model hotshot, DENZEL WELLS, has landed back in the USA and is now tucked safely and soundly back in TEXAS!  I talked to him for an eternity today while he awaited the departure of his plane from LAX to TX.  The kid's the best.  I'm looking soooooo forward to seeing how he presented himself on the show.  I'll have to wait 'til the summer, though!!!

I've watched the trajectory of his showbiz career go from one stepping stone to another.  And always upward.  So, I have no doubt that his appearance on ANTM will propel him forward and upward in accordance to how things have gone for him thus far.  God bless him.  And God bless all those who have been instrumental in pushing him forward.

I hope and pray he ALWAYS treats others the way he wants himself and his mother to be treated.  With KINDNESS and COMPASSION.  That is truly my ONE hope for him.

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