Monday, May 19, 2014

Center Stage

Brandon Espy (center stage) and Joseph Alvarez

Lauren Espy, Dave Brown & Sheila Espy

Brandon Espy & Friends

Today, photographs from my film's premiere last Saturday were posted up on Facebook and boy, oh boy, does my lead actor, Brandon Espy, his mom, sister and his friends look GRRRRREAT!!!!!

No, I'm NOT gonna say for the THOUSANDTH time that I wish I was there.  BUT...well, let's just say, I'll be at the NEXT one!  So, THERE!!!!!!!  :) :)

Indie Night co-founder, Joseph Alvarez, posted the kindest message onto my Facebook.  So kind I'm gonna repost it right here:

"Cam Montgomery Jr., it was awesome to meet you, my brother. You are truly one of the most talented writers I have ever met at INDIE NIGHT!  Look forward to seeing more of your work!"

I truly believe I'm going to take that compliment in and live with it for a bit.  Then, I'll pick myself up and begin writing my next short film.

I look forward to making a triumphant return to INDIE NIGHT.  And next time, I'll be there in PERSON!  Not just in SPIRIT!!!!!!

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