Monday, May 5, 2014

Here We Go Again



Juan Gil & Charles Anteby in LATE NIGHT CREEP

Yesterday, I was on two, different "sets" filming my next (2) short films:  CARBON COPY and LATE NIGHT CREEP.  They're my next installments for the Front Seat Chronicles web project.

I had never met the two stars of Carbon Copy until they showed up to film.  They were a delightful, elderly man and woman.  It appeared that the gentleman had a little trouble memorizing his lines, but I'm sure Allen, the director, will find some tender moments from him when he edits the footage.  The lady was simply sensational.  I loved her from her very first word.

When it came to Late Night Creep, I had met the young star, JUAN GIL, but not the older actor, CHARLES ANTEBY.  In this production, I have to say that Juan's grasp of his lines wasn't as dead-on as Charles', but again, I'm sure Allen will find the sweet moments to piece together.  What's interesting to me is that while I'm listening to the performances, I always remember the words I'd written and feel a slight jab in my heart when the actors don't say them as I wrote them.  Or, heaven forbid, not at all!!!!  Well, let the record state, I always put the filmed story into Allen's hands and feel confident he'll deliver my vision.

I'm lookin' hella forward to NEXT season, so I had better start writin' up my new scripts!!!!!!

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