Sunday, May 18, 2014

It Be Like That Sometimes

All last week I looked forward to attending the BIG SCREEN DEBUT of my short film, "1st Grade Picture."

Well, yesterday, the time came.

And went.

And I NEVER saw a thing.

'Cause I wasn't there.

'Cause I couldn't be there.

'Cause I was on the set of a commercial.  Day two of that commercial, mind you.

By the time the commercial shoot wrapped, I managed to arrive at the theater damn near a half hour after everyone had gone.  Luckily, the male star of my film, Brandon Espy, was still there.  And so was Joseph Alvarez, co-creator of INDIE NIGHT.  I was able to thank Brandon for being there and for his contribution to the film.  No, I'll never stop thanking him.  Hell, 30 years from now, if I run into him somewhere, I'm gonna thank him.  --- I enjoyed introducing myself to Joseph, too.  And talking to him about my work.  At this point, I'd say he's a new supporter of mine.  He truly liked my piece, so I intend to introduce my new films there, too.

No, I wasn't able to make the screening last night, although God knows I wanted to be there.

However, despite the grave disappointment in missing it, TODAY, it is MY choice to STILL...

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