Tuesday, June 10, 2014

BIG-A$$ Assault Rifle

Yesterday, I was RIGHT SMACK DAB in the CENTER of THIS STANDOFF!!!!!

I was driving on Magnolia Ave. and pulled up to a stoplight opposite the 170 South exit.  I saw a Latino gangbanger type (straight outta CENTRAL CASTING) pull over to the side of the road, pointed in the opposite direction of me.  He hopped OUT of his car and started running up the street!  He was carrying a BIG-A$$ ASSAULT RIFLE!  Right on his tail were several police cars, sirens a-BLAZIN'!

I saw on the news that the cat barricaded himself in some random person's house!  Whew!

All you actor types DYING to move to L.A. from your comfy homes in IOWA, THINK about it!!!!!!

WHAT THE WHAT!!!!  I saw on the news an aerial view of the suspect leaping out of his car and THERE I was in FULL VIEW, sitting at the red light!!!!!  On the video below, though, I only see a verrrrrrrrry quick glimpse of my rental car.  It's the silver car in front of the black car that's clearly visible.  When I saw myself in another video, I noticed I was pulled up WAAAAAY too far into the crosswalk!  #GottaWatchThat

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