Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I'm Latching On To You

Disclosure with Sam Smith (center)

This past Sunday I was introduced to some new music.  An electronica duo named, DISCLOSURE.  They're two young boys (actually brothers) in their early 20s.  Anyway, of course they don't sing, so they teamed up with a singer named, SAM SMITH, and produced my new favorite song:  LATCH.

Okay, so the song was originally released in 2012 (in the UK), but dang it, I had NEVER heard of it 'til a couple days ago.  It was released here in America back in February of this year.  I reckon the fact that I don't usually converse with teenagers is the reason I've never heard of it.  But, man, I'm now soooo glad I have.  The song is so dang infectious I can't get it outta my head.  Sam reminds me of a present day BOY GEORGE for Millennials!

So, for other folks in my generation, please allow me to introduce YOU to "Latch."


Disclosure - Latch from Bullion on Vimeo.

SAM SMITH's Acoustic Version:

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