Sunday, September 21, 2014



Yesterday, one of the kindest cats I know celebrated his 40th birthday!!!

I had to work last night, so I knew I could only attend the birthday party for an hour or so.  I rushed to RALPHS and bought birthday and gift cards, then hustled on over to the incredible house where the party was held.  Beverly Hills, no less!

ANTONIO looked PHENOMENAL, per usual.  He surprised ALL of us when he showed up with his hair chopped off!  Yes, I took a pic with him and his new haircut, but I don't have it to post.  So, his long-haired pic will have to do.

What I know for sure is that ANTONIO is as kind and thoughtful as he is beautiful.  So, here's to wishing him the MOST GLORIOUS new journey as a man in his 40s!!!!!

Oh, the party was held HERE!

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