Friday, January 30, 2015

Forever Young

PARENTHOOD is done.  Over.  Caput.

The show was truly one of my favorites.  Weekly I looked forward to being a fly on the wall in the households of all the Braverman offspring.

Heck, if they were real people, this is what I'd think about them:

Honestly, to me, Adam and Kristina illustrated what a marriage SHOULD be.  They supported each other to the Nth degree.  And I LOVED that about them.

Only God knows what will become of Sarah and Hank.  I enjoyed them.  Flaws and all.  And, geez, they both had PLENTY of flaws!!!!!

Joel and Julia were also exemplary partners.  Their separation and reconciliation were as real to me as anything I've seen on TV.  I found myself rooting for them every bump in the road they encountered.

Crosby and Jasmine I suspect will eventually break up.  And I suspect Crosby would be the reason.  His immaturity would drive a life partner crazy.  Well, during last night's finale, it appeared he got his shit stuff together, so maybe there is hope for their union.

And, last but not least...CAMILLE.  The matriarch.  Well, I adored her the moment I "met" her.  I adored her SPUNK.  Her VITALITY.  Her ARTISTRY.  If I knew a "Camille" in real life, my wish for her would be to meet another Zeek.  'Cause that lady STILL has a LOTTA LIFE LEFT in her!!

And goodbye, Zeek.  Like Sarah said, when it comes to fathers, you were the VERY BEST.

In my eyes...

You and the show will stay FOREVER YOUNG!

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