Saturday, January 17, 2015

SlowER Than Molasses

I'm convinced cell phone manufacturers deliberately make the phones so that they malfunction after a couple years, so consumers  HAVE to purchase a NEW one!

Truth be told, I don't recall how long I've had my Samsung Galaxy 2, but I DO recall that I've changed the battery once.  And that this new battery now takes SIX SUNDAYS and EIGHT MONDAYS to charge!  Geez!

I charge the dang thing fully at least TWICE during the day.  It's a dang shame!  Heaven help me if I want to use the data and get online.  Even if I'm using Wi-Fi the power is used up almost immediately!

Well, I'll keep this phone until either I find a great deal on another one.  Or until THIS one dies COMPLETELY!

A dang shame!  :)

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