Saturday, January 3, 2015

What A Day, What A Day

Today I decided to do something different.  I decided to enjoy myself.  By myself.

I awakened, showered, brushed my teeth, then headed out to Venice Beach!

I found free parking on a street several blocks away from the beach.  I just don't like the idea of PAYING to park when I can park for free.  Doesn't matter to me that I have to walk several blocks.  I always THANK GOD I'm ABLE to walk!

Anyway, once I arrived to the park, I walked over to the outdoor workout area and proceeded to do some pull-ups and dips.  After that, I did something I've NEVER done before.

I rented a BIKE!  Yep, for the next two hours I biked from Venice Beach to Pacific Palisades.  Way back when, Scott and I used to inline skate that trail, but today, I biked.  It was indeed a workout of sorts.  I mean, more than a FEW times I felt like pulling over and catching a breather.  But I NEVER did.  Not until I got to the end of my ride.  There, I sat on a bench in front of a gorrrrrrrgeous ocean view, talked to other bicyclists and gave gratitude to God for being precisely where I was at that very moment.  I LOVED it!

After I biked back to the bike rental place, I drove to The Grove.  I figured, why not conclude the day with a delicious meal?  So, Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill was my place of choice.  I ordered half a chicken and what looked like an entire garden of broccoli!  Lol.  And I ate every, single morsel on the plate!  Well, I left behind some of the chicken's skin, but everything else I ate!

Today was truly something special.  Heck, truth be told...

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