Saturday, March 21, 2015

We Rise

Today, I sent an e-mail to an acquaintance who also writes.  He sent me several of his scripts a few weeks ago, and just the other day, I got around to reading one of his half-hour, single-camera comedy scripts for television.

The first thing I noticed about the script was that it wasn't written in the proper format.  Wrong formatting usually determines whether or not a script is read or tossed into a garbage can.  So, the helping soul I am searched Google to find a script actually written by the TV show's writers.  I hit pay dirt, 'cause I found a script written by the TV show's co-creator.  I then searched YouTube and found the actual televised broadcast of the same episode.  I sent links to both finds to my acquaintance and told him to study the professional script, then rewrite his script and make it look IDENTICAL in formatting.

After he completes his rewrite, THAT'S when I want him to send me the script.  'Cause truth be told, I can't read a script that isn't formatted properly and actually concentrate on the story.  I'd be too distracted by the poor formatting.

Time will tell if he rewrites the script and sends it back to me.  If he does, great.  If he doesn't...

Well...if he doesn't, I reckon that'll free me up to help someone else with his/her script.  Either way, I'll ALWAYS lend whatever talents I have to folks who TRULY want assistance.

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