Friday, April 10, 2015

Not I

A dear friend recently asked me one helluva question.

"Cam, do you ever go to bed sometimes and wish you never woke up?"

I know that question would probably take many by surprise, but it didn't rattle me.  And it didn't because I know he lives with depression.  In fact, that awful disease took his mother's life.

My friend's dilemma is that he has put his heart and soul into his profession but has gotten what he deems to be very little in return.  And that causes him to be depressed.

I understand his frustration.  His pain.  His fear.

But I don't share his depression.  I don't share his bouts with hopelessness.

For whatever reason, even when the night is its darkest, I STILL have hope that tomorrow will be a BRIGHTER day.

And for this reason, and a few others...


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