Friday, May 22, 2015

Ain't Cute

When it comes to writing, it ALWAYS takes me what seems like an ETERNITY to begin.  I mean, honestly, I can find ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL sorts of crap to do BEFORE sitting down and putting fingers to keyboard.  Mop the kitchen floor. Wash the tub.  Clean the stove top.  Etc., etc., etc!!!

I have a one-hour spec script that HAS to be mailed by June 2nd!  Yet, I HAVEN'T written ONE word of it.  Call me crazy, but more oftentimes than not, I have always waited 'til the eleventh hour to write tons of scripts.  I KNOW I should be writing it now, so why aren't I?  I'll tell you why:  'cause writing scripts take sooooooooo much OUTTA me!  Truth be told, the actual writing is soooooo grueling to me.  I know I should change my conversation about the work so that I can feel different about it.  So, right here and right now, I'm changing that conversation.

Writing WILL lead me to the life I've only dreamed about up to now.  So, let the record state, TOMORROW, SATURDAY, MAY 23rd, 2015, I WILL begin writing my script.  I have a mere week and a couple days 'til the deadline!  And, NO, I do NOT wanna wait 'til the very last moment to get the dang thing written.

'Cause the state of panic AIN'T CUTE!!!!!!  :)

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