Monday, May 11, 2015

Shelley, The Bevelhimers, Culver & I

Shelley and I

This past weekend was one of the most GLORIOUS weekends of my LIFE!


Through the GRACIOUSNESS of my beloved friend, SHELLEY, I made a return visit to picturesque Culver Military Academy!  I attended one summer of the school's summer session waaaaaaaaaaaay back in '79.  Anyway, Shelley invited me to stay with her loving family in their cozy lakeside condo, and take in a lacrosse game in which the son of one of my favorite fraternity brothers is the starting Long Stick Middle (LSM) player for Zionsville Community High School.

Originally, I wanted to attend the lacrosse game as a complete surprise to my fraternity brother, Joe, and his delightful wife, Tracy.  But Shelley knew she'd have to tell the couple somethin' in order to get them to agree to come back to her place to hang out after the game.  So, she spilled the beans.  Turns out, spilling the beans didn't make Joe and Tracy believe I'd be there, 'cause, truth be told, I've told 'em I'd visit numerous times before, but never have.  Well, this time, Shelley was NOT taking, "NO," for an answer.  And, poof, I was there!

I had never met Shelley's terrific mom, Sherry, Shelley's husband, Kevin (who has the HOTTEST man cave in all of Indiana), nor her kind and articulate son, Quinn and beautiful fashionista daughter, Lauren.  So, meeting all of them was a gem!  Quinn will be here in L.A. shortly to begin a summer internship.  So, I'm lookin' forward to breakin' bread with him when he arrives.

This weekend was also my first time meeting Joe's children: Bryan (the lacrosse star), Sidney and Cody.  And what a hoot they were!  I could listen all day to little Cody's tales about his fight with cancer.  For a seventh grader, he sure is eloquent and dang humorous when he discusses all he's been through.

Bryan, Cody, Sydney and I

All in all, this weekend jaunt was phenomenal!  Shelley showed me around the Culver campus and town as if I was a new resident.  Heck, if I follow her lead, I'll some day submit myself for employment at the venerable institution.  Hey, who knows?  Stranger things have happened in the world.

I'll be indebted to Shelley for years and years to come!  I mean, her insistence that I come visit compelled me to acknowledge that I SHOULD spend MUCH MORE time with those I love and who love me, instead of thinking I should be WORKING.  Heck, I hope this weekend helps her realize the same is true for her, too.  I truly had a BLAST!  So much so I didn't want it to END!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, revisiting Culver was made all the sweeter 'cause I stayed in Shelley's mom's comfy condo which just happens to sit right on the stunning Lake Maxinkuckee!  Gotta love Culver Cove Condos!

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