Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sister-In-Law Of LIFE!


Terri & My Brother

Terri with Stacey and Tyshawn

Now that I'm back at my reality TV show gig, I hardly have enough time to brush my freakin' teeth, so when my brother and sister-in-law flew into town last Wednesday night, it pained me that I wouldn't be able hang out with them like I usually do.  We were originally supposed to link up for dinner on Thursday night, but I knew I'd be too tired to stay awake after having awakened at 4 AM the same day, so we rescheduled for Friday night instead.

Since Terri's (my sister-in-law) birthday is on the 17th while my brother will be out of town, he decided we'd make Friday's dinner an early, surprise birthday celebration.  I recruited my friend, Tyshawn, and his lovely lady, Stacey, to come along, and the rest is history!  We had balloons and the restaurant, FLEMINGS, provided a birthday card and a gift card!  On the HOUSE!!!!  How 'bout that for great customer service?

I had never been to the restaurant, but I know I'll be back.  Especially since Terri gave the gift card to ME!  Haaaa!  I enjoyed the Barbecue Scottish Salmon Fillet and the Chipotle Cheddar Mac & Cheese!  And the Chocolate Lava Cake!  And, goodness, that Mandarin Orange Martini had a KICK!!!!!  Yum!

In the immortal words of Arnold Schwarzenegger:

I'LL BE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY, TERRI, from ME to YOU!!!!!!!!!  :)

Terri and Moi!

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