Monday, July 20, 2015

Marvelous Monday

I know everybody likes to complain about Mondays, but dangit, this ol' dude is THRILLED and THANKFUL for being ALIVE to see it!!!!

My Monday began as it has begun over the past two months: 4 AM!  When I hop into the car shortly thereafter, I'm always amazed that there are people on the roads!  But this is L.A., so folks are ALWAYS driving somewhere!

Yesterday, I attended the book signing for BROOKLYN MCLINN's new book.  He had a terrific turnout.  I met one of his dear friends, SHANE.  And that dude was/is the BEST!  Heck, I wound up talking to him the entire time!  I tell ya, I have NEVER met a 'stranger.'  Absolutely NEVER!

I FEEL good.  I LOOK good.



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