Friday, October 30, 2015

Bridge To Nowhere


This past Monday, model/actor/host SAM SARPONG ended his life by jumping off Pasadena's Colorado Street Bridge (aka  "Suicide Bridge").

Only God and Sam know precisely what compelled him to jump, but I suspect depression reigned supreme.

To the outside world, the man looked like he was going places.  But what does the outside world really know?  Nothing.  Who does it really know?  No one.  Sam must've been feeling really low that day.  News reports state that he was engaged in a seven-hour standoff with police and rescue workers before he jumped.  Wow!

My curiosity was such that last night I actually hopped into the car and drove to the bridge to see it for myself.  I parked on a residential street, then walked over the bridge.  I could clearly see how easily a person could jump.  But then again, if someone is bound and determined to do something, he can.

Actor/author Brooklyn Mclinn made a video the other night, sobbing profusely, as he discussed his friendship with Sam.  And his deep sorrow that Sam didn't reach out to him, or to anyone, for solace.  Brooklyn's words and raw emotion were palpable.  I truly wish Sam had spoken to Brooklyn first.

Millions of people are hurting in this world.  Hurting so deeply that they are on the verge of losing all hope.  Interestingly enough, hope is the one thing that undoubtedly keeps me afloat when the world makes every effort to sink me.

The video below introduces SAM SARPONG to those who aren't familiar with him.

I wish the best for everyone and everything.

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