Tuesday, December 20, 2016

May/December Disagreement

I have a friend who thinks it's downright gross for a much older person to be in a romantic relationship with someone considerably younger.

Her exact words were:

"I will never be convinced someone young wants to be with someone old, other than for money, security or mommy-daddy issues, when they could be with some young and hot [person] like themselves."

Well, my belief is that everybody enters into a romantic relationship with his/her own expectations.  For his/her own reasons.  If a young person wants to be with a much older person for financial security, professional gain, etc., so be it.  If the older person wants the younger person because of youth and beauty, so be it.  Everybody gets what they're after, so what harm is done?

When I see a cat I think is hot-as-Hades, I don't care if he's 21 or 61!  But I sure as hell WON'T discount the hottie for being much younger than I am!  No, sirree, Bob!

I told my friend that she and I will respectfully agree to disagree on this subject.

Love is love.

And HOT is HOT!

I mean, who the hell am I to discourage a potential romance because someone was born 25 years AFTER I was!

Haaaaa!  :)

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