Friday, December 30, 2016

No Bueno

I stopped buying and drinking milk two years ago or so.


Well, the real reason is because I just thought, this milk isn't for me.  My mother's milk was for me.  And I also thought that by cutting out milk I'd have less mucus/phlegm.

I've since read a study that indicates that consuming milk might not adversely affect mucus buildup.  But, now that I'm not drinking it anymore, I don't miss it.

I reckon since I love cheese and frozen yogurt, I'm still getting my share of milk.  But as long as I'm not drinking it, I'm fine.  

I do kinda miss all the cereal I used to eat, though.  Truth be told, I only consumed milk in the past because eating cereal was an easy meal to prepare!!!

So, no more milk.  No more cereal.  And that's just fine by me!!!!!   

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