Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Day Before

Well, well, well, here it is just one day before a brotha can ENTHUSIASTICALLY give gratitude for being ALIVE and WELL to begin his 53rd year on this earth!

Honestly, I feel GREAT!  And I'm still not too harsh on the eyes, either!  So, if I'm BLESSED to see tomorrow, I'll ring in my 53rd birthday with a new experience!

I think I wanna check out a Korean spa in Koreatown.  I've never had a professional massage, nor gone to a spa of any kind.  So, I'm gonna google all the spas in Koreatown and see which one sounds best-suited for me!  Why not?

I intend to make my 53rd year one hell of an ADVENTURE!

Filled with TONS of new, invigorating experiences!

BRING it ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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