Monday, February 6, 2017

Super Bowl 51

Well, another Super Bowl has come and gone.  However, the winning team is a Super Bowl favorite: The NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS!

The Patriots fought back from a 28 (ATL) to 3 beating to WIN the dang thing!!!

Yes, I suppose the ATLANTA FALCONS are STILL in bed, trying to sleep away the devastating pain of having victory snatched right outta their hands!  But, what will be, will be.

The Patriots' Tom Brady now has (5) Super Bowl wins and (4) Super Bowl MVP awards under his storied belt!

Honestly, the dude seems to win at EVERYTHING!!!!

Well, next season is a-comin', so we'll see who emerges victorious then!

And, no, I wouldn't be surprised one bit if, come this time next year, we see Mr. Brady hoisting yet again what appears to be his favorite piece of hardware!

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