Monday, June 26, 2017

A Lil Indiana

Today I was blessed to visit with my dear friend, Shelley, and her beautiful family.

Her son, Quinn, is living here in L.A.  He's been here nearly a year.  He sure seems to be enjoying himself.

Her daughter, Lauren, is living in NYC these days and loves every moment of it.  But she is also enjoying her time here on the BEST coast!  Haaa!

As for Kevin, the hubby, I think he'd be just fine kickin' back in a cool room with a beer on tap!  And I can't blame him.  It's a hundred dang degrees out here in these L.A. streets!

Truth be told, every time I'm in Shelley's presence I feel sooooo THANKFUL for being alive.

The woman is a GODSEND.

Her KINDNESS, COMPASSION and LOYALTY are unparalleled.

I ADORE her.




I'm tellin' you: it's ALWAYS nice to have a lil Indiana in my life!

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