Monday, June 5, 2017

Park Gang

Since I work out at a few, local parks (North Hollywood Park pictured above), I notice that any number of fellas do the same thing.

What I like most is that everybody helps everybody.  I mean, if someone doesn't know how to do a muscle-up, someone who does happily demonstrates how to do it.

Mike, 27, "Mr. Blond Ambition," was there the other day, killing time until he had to train a client at a nearby gym.  Unlike me, he does both gym and outdoor workouts.  Straight outta Idaho, Mike plans to take over Hollywood in film and television.

Another great dude, David, 44, stopped by the other day and worked on some gymnastic moves.  I think it's great that at damn near 50 he's learning gymnast routines.  Age is truly nothin' but a number.

The allure of bright lights brought 19-year-old Grant out to L.A. from Oklahoma to make a name for himself as a singer/songwriter.  It'll be interesting to see how he fares in a city teeming with only a million, other singer/songwriters!

Tony, 26, all the way from Australia, is going to have to return down under in just a bit because his Student Visa has run its course.  He has been here in L.A. for two years.  He thought he was gonna make a real go out of Jiu Jitsu, but that hasn't quite panned out.  I wish him well.

Lastly, Raul, 24, is determined to whip himself back into his usual, fighting shape.  He primarily works out at home, but from time to time, he comes out to the park.  This particular day, the turkey was at the park knockin' off a community service obligation (thus the plastic gloves).  Gotta follow the rules of the road, folks!  Lol!

For me, I couldn't imagine working out anywhere other than outdoors.  I truly love being out in the sunshine.  In fact, when it's an overcast day, I don't feel like working out at all.

Gimme sun...or...gimme ice cream, a comfy couch and a television!    

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