Saturday, August 12, 2017

Elysian Park

Since I only work out in nature, I like to explore new parks and beaches.

A few days ago I ventured out to Elysian Park.

The park just happens to be the home of Dodger Stadium.

And it's also the home of The Los Angeles Police Academy.

Of course, I recall the old entrance to the Academy because of a '70s TV show I loved so dearly.

The peaks of Elysian Park have one helluva view of downtown L.A!

I haven't found pull-up bars in the park yet, but if they're there, I'll find 'em!

I sure will! :)

Two Words

Two words describe these babies:



Thursday, August 3, 2017

It's A Fire

This is the second time I've seen a wildfire behind Costco. What the Smokey the Bear is going on in Burbank???

I sure wish California could go at least ONE summer without any wildfires.

At least ONE!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Scott Betta Sing!!

Two Saturdays ago, I had the pleasure of attending a sensational concert!

Who was the singer, you ask???


I've been listening to Scott sing since February 2000.  In fact, I had only lived here in Los Angeles for a month before I went to a Hollywood bar on karaoke night and heard a man sing his face off!

That man would be Scott!

On that night, he was wearing shorts, a t-shirt and a floppy hat.

I was wearing overalls, no shirt, and had my toenails painted 'Fire Engine' red!  That's a whole other story!  Haaa!

Anyway, after hearing him sing karaoke that night, I instantly knew I had to follow this dude's career.  And, since then, I have.

I've watched and/or listened to Scott sing on Ryan Seacrest's radio show, the late Ed McMahon's Next Big Star tv show, a couple of Vegas showcases, weddings, etc.  Truth be told, I simply love the way he sings.

On this concert night, he was in excellent voice!  His breath control was superb and his high and low notes were smashed to smithereens!

At one point, during the song he sings as a staple, Donnie McClurkin's Stand, he walked among the audience and randomly chose folks to sing a verse or two.  The guy sitting at my table, film producer, Re'Shaun Frear, whispered to me, "He better not stop here."  Lol!  No worries.  Scott knows that CAM Jr loves LISTENING to singers.  Not actually singing himself!  :)

Scott is 43 and earning his living as a singer/actor.  Bravo to him!  I wish him the most success any one person can handle!

'Cause he's one helluva talent!!!!

Scott, you betta SING!!!

For years and years to come!!!!