Friday, April 2, 2010

Attitude + Commitment = Phenomenal Life!

EUGENE ALLEN, a former White House butler for eight presidents died two days ago at 90 years old.  The man is a phenomenal example of how noble working as a waiter/butler/maitre' d can be!  Sometimes when I've worked in this capactity I've felt bad about myself.  But, this man, who did this kind of work in 1952 for less than $3000.00 per YEAR, felt GREAT about his job. He loved it!  He worked for Eisenhower and Carter and Reagan and was a special guest at Obama's inauguration.  Married for 65 yrs, Mr. Allen was a sterling example of what ATTITUDE and COMMITMENT can do for a life.  I hope he is resting with the ANGELS OF MERCY at this very moment.  I'm sure he is.  The next time I venture out to work with Chef Tom Symon I'm gonna hold my head high and give GRATITUDE for being there!!!  Because no matter what job I have, it is ultimately MY attitude that determines if I'll view the job as a BLESSING or a CURSE.  And, from now on, I'm gonna choose to view EVERYTHING in my path as a BLESSING and LEARN from it.  Read more about the incomparable Mr. Eugene Allen HERE.

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