Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Charity Begins With Me

I know that even if one doesn't have much money to give to charity, he can still be charitable.  Not one charity in this world could run if someone didn't give his/her TIME.  So, for me, giving my time is my contribution at present.  Currently, I donate my time to Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles' Camp Max Straus.  By year's end, though, I hope & pray that I'm in a financial position to give money to the camp, The Saban Free Clinic, Wabash College and Breast Cancer Research.  I'll have to do some volunteer work for Breast Cancer Research, though, just so I'll know where my money is actually going.  The others, I already know.  Philanthropy makes the world go 'round.  And makes a lot of people pretty damn happy!

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