Monday, April 19, 2010

Fat Chance!

Boarding an airline flight is truly a traumatic experience for one of my friends.  And, quite simply, the reason is because he's overweight.  Severely overweight.  Fat.  No.  Let me stop with the sugar-coating.  He's obese.  No. He's morbidly obese.  And in order to be comfortable on a plane, he needs at least two seats.  When I attend theater functions with him, he needs a "special" chair because if a chair has arms, he can't sit in it.  Because it causes him discomfort to discuss his weight with me, I've agreed not to discuss it unless he initiates the conversation.  Truth be told, until HE wants to change this situation, it never will.  He's truly a terrific friend, so I wish nothing but the best for him.  But, do I think he's likely to use the trauma and humiliation he feels aboard airplanes to fuel his desire to lose the weight?  The title of this blog entry pretty much sums up my answer to that question!

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