Sunday, April 4, 2010

I WILL 'Cause I CAN 'Cause I AM!

Today is Easter and I will be spending the day with only ME.  I will walk to the grocery store and soak in the Vitamin D as I walk.  I will pick up foods I truly enjoy.  Foods that nourish and strengthen this 46-yr-old body.  Honestly, my life is not nearly where I want it to be professionally.  And, to a large degree, personally, either.  However, I know that NOTHING will change UNTIL I make changes!  And, I am making those changes.  I AM! -- I've been talkin' to one of my dearest friends, TYSHAWN, today, and I am watching his life change for the better right before my very eyes.  And all the changes are coming about because HE made the change to live DIFFERENTLY!  Again, it all begins with US!  So, to GOD & HIS UNIVERSE, I say, don't give up on me yet.  Please continue to offer me support as I redirect my LIFE into the path of PROSPERITY and PHILANTHROPY!  Who's changing his life for the BETTERMENT of HIMSELF and OTHERS?  I AM!!!!!!! --- Sing, CeCe!!!!!!

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