Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Now Is Now! And Tomorrow Is Now! So, Do It NOW!

“Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.”
I began writing my novel in January.  It is now one day away from JULY and I have not completed the work.  Well, I have written my first draft, but am dragging my feet embarrassingly with the rewrite.  It is conceivable that the finished product could set me free from my current life of professional despair.  Yet, I still procrastinate about working on the rewrite.  Truth is, I don't tackle the rewrite with earnest because the process is so incredibly tedious to me.  And that which we don't enjoy, we don't do so readily.  Well, I don't enjoy living day-to-day NOT feeling my best about each day.  And each night.  So, this is my vow:  within the next 24 hrs, I will have rewritten/edited a chapter in my book.  And I'll shoot for a chapter per day 'til it's done.  Heck, the hardest work is already done--the first draft.  Everything else is a cake walk.  I gotta look it at that way if I'm gonna get it done.  I want a NEW life like CHRIS's and TYSHAWN's.  A NEW, EXCITING, JOY-FILLED life.  And I can have it.  As long as I don't "put it off 'til tomorrow."  I have NO desire to bury MY opportunities.  NONE whatsoever!

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