Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yes, We're Movin' On Up

Talked to my friend, Chris, today and I just have to say that he sounds sooooo good these days.  He has a new job.  A job he truly enjoys.  It pays him more than he's been paid in ages, but that's not why he loves it.  He loves it because he enjoys the work and enjoys the location of his office and enjoys his boss!  I can feel his joy on the other end of the phone.  And I can tell he's smiling from ear to ear when he talks about his job.  He's also happy because he no longer has a roommate.  After talking to him, I then talked to my fave, Tyshawn, and can hear the joy in his voice, too, when he talks about making music.  The music school he attends is moving practically to his neighborhood, so I know that  means he'll be hangin' out in its studio all the time.  I'm mentioning all this because I can see my friends' lives changing right before my very eyes.  And neither of them are spring chickens.  So, seeing them change their lives for the better at 50 and 32 warms my heart so.  They're filling their days with work that interests and sustains them.  I am trailing behind but I do honestly believe my day is a-comin' sooner rather than later.  I hope and pray that I'll serve as a beacon of light and hope to someone else.  I mean, heck, maybe I already do.  Maybe I already do.

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