Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Livin' THEIR Lives!

I just recently came across two things that stopped me in my tracks.  One--a quote.  And two--a photo.  Both speak to the same truth.  Live YOUR life the way YOU want.  Period.  Allow me to share both, please.
"They want us to wait for THEIR permission.  But before THEY grant it, THEY want to know that THEY own you; that THEY have control.  BYPASS THEM and make your OWN rules!  Your OWN way!  Write your OWN story! Paint your OWN picture!  Draw your OWN map!  Sing your OWN song! Climb your OWN mountain!  Run your OWN race!  Raise your OWN child!  Live YOUR OWN life.!" - Chán André

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