Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Love 'Em To Pieces!

Earlier today, one of my older sisters and I were talkin' about one of our nieces.  She's only six years younger than I am, so I've always considered her to be one of my sisters!  Anyway, when she was really young, I used to love teasin' her!  And I mean, LOVED it!!!  As we matured (especially ME!), I clearly realized that she was truly a phenomenal, young lady.  Free-spirited.  Intelligent.  Loving.  Just the life of the party!  When I moved to NYC, I loved her visits!  Looked forward to 'em, actually!  I dragged her all over the city!  Took her to every friggin' dance club I could think of!  "Alternative" clubs, some might say.  Well, she never asked one, single thing about those clubs and my love of 'em.  Turns out what she was doin', instead, was goin' through my journals when I wasn't around, searchin' for "dirt!"  Haa!  She never found any 'cause I was wily enough to hide it!!!  -- Fast-forward to today and she's a WIFE and MOTHER and STILL a PHENOMENAL niece!!!  -- I have SIX nieces now and the first two are STILL my most favorite!  But you didn't hear that from me!!!! 

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