Sunday, August 29, 2010

Night Walker

Tonight I was incredibly happy to have a gig.  The bus arrived dang near fifteen minutes late, so I was a little concerned at first.  However, once I boarded the sucka, all was well.  Prior to goin' to the gig, I e-mailed one of my coworkers and inquired about gettin' a lift from him after the gig wrapped.  As I had suspected, he said he wasn't able to accomodate me.  So...I walked home.  According to Mapquest, the walk was almost four miles.  To many, walking home would NEVER have happened.  Luckily for me, I'm not like many.  And, honestly, I would have accepted a ride from him had he given me one.  And I would've happily driven if I had a car.  But since neither was to be, I am incredibly, wholly appreciative of the fact God and His Universe have given me the strength, legs and feet to make tonight's walk and all other walks.  Yes, walking alone in the dark of the night can be a dreary experience if one chooses it to be.  But I didn't choose it to be such.  Instead, I chose to meet new people and truly appreciate new things I encountered on my journey.  To the naked eye I'm sure I appeared to be walking alone.  But this ol' boy knows I wasn't alone.  God was there.  Always has been.  And always will be.  And for that, I am soooo thankful.  Walk on, CAM Jr!!  Walk on!

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