Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Never As Good As The First Time

SADE sang it better than I can tell it.  It's never as good as the first time, she said.  And, more oftentimes than not, she's right.  I've been a fan of Sex And The City since it's inception.  I used to love sittin' on the couch in Brooklyn, watching these New York chicks live lives that were tangible.  I mean, I could actually see and touch their sorrows and joys.  The first film was a hoot for me.  There were a couple of really touching moments that brought me back to the theater at least three times to see them again and again.  I didn't go to the theater to see part two.  And I didn't because nothing about its trailer looked interesting.  And, of course, word of mouth wasn't good, either.  Last night, my friend, Donald, ordered the movie on cable and I watched.  More than a couple of times I wanted to get up and leave.  But I didn't.  I stayed the course because I believe in these girls.  Or...so I used to.  The sequel was meaningless.  Period.  Style over substance.  Not one time did I feel anything for the leads except disappointment.  How could the bigwigs behind this venture lose their way?  How?  Honestly, if I wanted to go see an event that featured shoes and clothing over human connection, I'd go to a fashion show.  Or to a mall.  I suspect there'll never be another Sex And The City film since this one did so poorly at the box office.  However, if there is, I hope they go back to making the film about people.  Real people.  Insecure people.  Loving people.  Beautiful people with a reason for living other than consuming.  That's the movie I want to see.  'Cause that's the television show I fell in love with.

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