Thursday, December 30, 2010

Strange Fruit

Earlier today, a young lady stopped by to take a look at the spare bedroom I'll be renting next month.  I could tell through her e-mails that she was a character.  And, lo and behold, when she showed up in person, she lived up to my assumption.  The moment she stepped into the apartment she said, "Wow!  This place really is clean."  Lol!  My ad on Craigslist said as much, but I reckon she didn't believe me.  Anyway, she then immediately asked to use the bathroom.  I thought, hmm, is she goin' in there to see if it's clean, too??  Well, when she came out, I showed her the spare bedroom.  She chuckled and said, "You'd hate me.  Because I'm not this neat."  She then practically apologized for wasting my time.  And left!  Haa!  I suspsect a kind, talented, young person who can EASILY afford the rent will be crossin' the threshold soon enough.  I have no worries!  But these strange birds from Craigslist crack me up!  Lol!

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