Monday, December 27, 2010

True Change Begins With...ME!

I am thankful to God and His Universe for all the work I've had over the holiday season.  The money has been needed.  Almost desperately.  But...I have ceased to enjoy the work.  Truth be told, I ceased enjoying the work long ago.  However, a part of me was (perhaps still is) afraid to step away from it.  And the fear stems from ill-thinking.  Negative-thinking.  When I walked away from Patina and Wolfgang Puck and Yvonne E. White and a host of others, I SURVIVED.  So...I can do the same with catering in general.  And in specifics!  I MUST move on now to a life I was BORN to live.  I want to live a life of service.  But not one of SUBSERVIENCE.  After my gig on New Year's Eve, I'm walking away.  Running away.  'Cause I've had enough!!!

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