Wednesday, December 29, 2010

When Hell Freezes Over

I am THANKFUL for NOT living in NYC!!!  Boy, oh boy, has NYC and the Northeast, in general, been sucker-punched by Mother Nature.  There is snow on top of snow on top of snow in that region!  And it's UGLY!  I had better count my blessings that I no longer live in East Flatbush, Brooklyn!  'Cause if I were, I'd be up to my CHIN in snow!  Some 400 passengers were stuck on a subway for SIX hours or more the other day because of the snow and freezing weather.  Can you imagine that?  SIX hours!!!  Geez!  One couple flew into Kennedy Airport from Cancun and couldn't dig their car out of its parking space at the airport, so wound up jumping onto that stranded train.  The couple live only fourteen miles from the airport.  However, from the time they deplaned, to the time they eventually made it back to their apartment in Brooklyn, EIGHTEEN hours had come and gone!  Wow!  Yessiree, Bob, I'm soooooooooo thankful I'm NOT in East Flatbush, Brooklyn right now!!!

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