Saturday, December 3, 2011

Feeling Good

I jumped up out of bed by 9 AM this glorious Saturday morning and immediately popped bed linen into the washer.  Walked into the bathroom and scrubbed down the sink, toilet and tub/shower.  Then, scrubbed the floor!  Made my way through the hallway and swept up all the dust that accumulates on hardwood flooring.  Then, made my way to the kitchen and swept/scrubbed the floor!  As soon as the bed linen is finished drying, I'm hoppin' into the car and driving to Griffith Park to walk and do my usual calisthenics!  This ol' boy is feelin' mighty good this morning!!  --- Last night, my friend, Tyshawn, tried to make me feel like a loser for not goin' out with him and the other fellas; but truth be told, hangin' out with a bunch of skirt-chasers, in their very early 30s, just ain't as much fun as it was when I was in MY early 30s.  Haaa!  Okay, I didn't wanna spend $15 for a drink, either!!!  Of course, he called me from the bar and told me that the drinks were actually ONLY nine dollars!  Uh...I'm still happy I didn't go!!!!  I know what I WILL do today, though.  I'm gonna just enjoy myself to the hilt!  'Cause I'm ALIVE!!  And I'm WELL!  And I'm FEELIN' GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

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