Monday, December 12, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Working as a cater-waiter off & on since 1998 has gained me a bird's eye view of some of the most amazing houses/apartments in this country.  Back in Manhattan I recall loving the apartment of a woman who sold old, movie memorabilia.  Here in Los Angeles, I've loved many.  But my all-time favorite is a sprawling estate with a Los Angeles zip code.  At the time I walked inside this beautiful structure it was owned by the late, W. Howard Lester, former CEO and Chairman of Williams Sonoma.  He was gracious.  That much I remember.  Just as I remember walking through the big gate in front of the house and being mesmerized by the lengthy walk up the tree-lined driveway.  I mean, honestly, walking up the driveway was enough to make me wish I never left the property.  The immaculate house was just the cherry on top of the incredibly landscaped cake.  First, I walked past the guest house/gym to get to the main house.  Both buildings are simply stunning.  When I walked into the main house I was immediately taken by the openness of the first floor.  I found a "reason" to venture upstairs, of course.  I peeked into the beautiful bedrooms.  I then checked out the basement where the game room and wine cellar are located.  I'll say it again:  simply stunning. --- Surfing the web sometime last year, I discovered that Mr. Lester had passed.  God rest his soul.  But I wonder who lives in that house now.  And I wonder if whomever it is would mind if I just stopped by to walk around the grounds and through the house again.  I mean, I only wanna see what the place looks like now.  That's all.  --- Since I don't  have photos of the house's interior, you'll just have to settle for it's exterior HERE. --- p.s.  The house is almost directly across the street from the former, Spelling Manor.

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